Hi I have recently removed a virus from my daughter's laptop, a Sony Vaio VGN FS515M. Wireless card is Intel(R) Pro Wireless 2200BG. Windows XPHome SP3 reports that I am connected but Network Magic Pro (5.5.9195.0-Pure0 Platform 11.2.915.1) reports no connection. Clicking "Repair" sometimes results in the connection being restored but this rarely lasts long. When connected, connection speeds vary from 54Mbps down to 1Mbps. Also any attempt to run a browser (Firefox or IE7) result in immediate disconnection. Problems started after I updated the driver for the intel card. I have tried to wind the driver back to no avail. I have tried un-installing and re-installing the card (short of physically removing it!). I have tried installing it with generic drivers but nothing seems to work. I have tried changing wireless channels etc., all to no avail. My other daughter's Vaio has no problems connecting. It is newer - could the card in the older machine be failing? It's about 4 years old.