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    HOTMAIL Reject mail from our server

    Important Notice:

    If you registered to this forum using a hotmail or msn email address or any other email address under Microsoft's control you won't be able to receive email notifications from this forum due to Hotmail blocking our server's IP address from sending any mail to it's users.

    If you're a new user registering to this forum DON'T register using a hotmail or msn email address as you won't receive the email containing the account activation link.

    If you're an existing forum member and use the subscribe to thread option and use email notifications and you are using a hotmail or msn email address you'll no longer receive email notifications.

    This is out of our control. Microsoft have decided to block our IP address from sending mail to it's users.

    If you rely on email notifications and are registered using a hotmail or msn email address you can update your email address to an alternative email address by clicking HERE

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