Live Security Platinum, I posted this on another board but it might be of help to anyone who has the missfortune of contracting it!

I got rid of it by the good fortune of tracking down someone elses cure before it ran amok, below is someones description of it and waldys answer which worked for me.


The first thing users should be aware of when

dealing with Live Security Platinum is that

this is a unwanted parasite that takes

control of your PC without your

authorization. What we mean by that is that

this hoax gets started automatically together

with Windows. However, this was not your

command for such actions of this malware. The

virus implanted itself without your approval,

and immediately it tuned up your system in a

manner that would facilitate the

implementation of its malicious plots. When

one tries to run legitimate security software

in order to remove this hoax he/she faces

another challenge. Such attempts are being

blocked by the rogue. In fact, this program

tells that the file you attempt to download

is infected with some serious malware, even

though, in fact, you’re just downloading a

clean and reliable software that can remove

the infection. The point is that Live

Security Platinum scareware blocks launching

of many security applications. There’s a good

remedy for the purpose of bypassing this

blockage. Its name is Process Killer

(pkiller.exe). This application can be

downloaded via the official web site of

GridinSoft Trojan Killer. After downloading

you will need to rename “pkiller.exe” to

“iexplore.exe” and then run “iexplore.exe”.

Once the malicious process of Live Security

Platinum is successfully terminated you may

go ahead to download legitimate security

software of your preference. We recommend you

to clean your PC with the help of GridinSoft

Trojan Killer. Below please find the detailed

information on all the removal steps to

delete Live Security Platinum rogue.
Waldy says:
August 11, 2012 at 10:01 pm
I had one laptop (win7) and one desktop (XP)

however, this “live Security Platinum”

created a desktop icon which allowed me to

trace its location in my computers.
next step is simple, restart PC and hit F8 to

enter into “safemode with command prompt”.

once I was in, simply delete all three files

in the folder that I found from the the early

say in XP, the virus stays in
C:\document and settings\all

users\applications Data\ then a very long number-name subfolder
hope this help.

Once in safe mode you dont need to use the command promt but windows as normal to locate and delete the offending files. I also did a restore back a few days and cleaned out and deleted the empty folders, then I permenantly erased them from the recylce bin.

Its a nasty bit of work that pretends to be helping you, it gives itself away by its overzealos way that it says everything is infected and requires immediate action, by itself of course.